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For Linn LP12 fans, in soon for review. A lower cost option instead of the Radikal!

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  • For Linn LP12 fans, in soon for review. A lower cost option instead of the Radikal!

    From the same people that make the MOSE/Hercules2 power supply that I currently use, I should be receiving my review sample of their new DC motor and computer controlled power supply/speed controller. Similar in concept to the Linn Radikal, but it measures speed differently and will certainly cost a lot less. I believe the Radikal is around $3900. The Mose / Hercules2 replacing the Valhalla gave near Lingo level performance. Have to wait to install mine and run it through it's paces for an honest review before I can say more here. My last attempt with a DC motor ( a DIY kit based on Origin Live parts and design) didn't work out too well for me (motor failure due to sitting in a hot storage facility for many years, not a fault of the design).
    I believe these photos are of a pre-production prototype: Click image for larger version

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    Click image for larger version

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    Steve Lefkowicz
    Senior Associate Editor at Positive Feedback
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    Steve this looks interesting. I used a Hercules II with my last LP12 simply put, its a clone of the Valhalla. Mine was outboard connected with an umbilical cord not unlike the Lingo. The two areas the Hercules improved on the Valhalla was ability to change speeds on the fly using the two LED Lingo switch and compatibility with either 50 or 60 hz motors. I also had a Lingo back in the day and its a way more sophisticated device, but I never had them side by side to say the one performed nearly as well or better than the other...


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      I'm an active and committed LP12 owner, and since my next logical upgrade is Radikal, this interests me greatly. The Radikal is, quite simply, a financial reach that I might not be able to make for some time. That being said, I always have reservations about non-Linn changes to the table. I realize that there may be exceptions, and the Hercules is a decent example of one, at least when viewed relative to the Valhalla. The only test is to compare it to an equivalent Radikal equipped LP12, which, in the US, might be difficult, if not impossible. I hope that your (hopefully) upcoming review can shine light on this. Other things I would be interested in knowing have to do with how well the various bits fit into the deck. I've been an LP12 tech for some 25 odd years, and appreciate how setup is paramount to it's performance. Ill fitting parts, wiring, etc, can be a barrier to proper setup, as I'm sure you realize. Additionally, does it complement the tuneful nature of the LP12, or does it start to focus your attention on artifacts within the recording? That's a tough one, I realize. If it hits all the marks, I would surely be interested in pursuing this as an option to the Radikal. If not, I'll wait until I can afford one.

      My table is a standard Afro plinth, Cirkus, Lingo, Kore, Ekos, DV 20X2L, Linto. I have updated the motor to the most recent, and also have a Silver T-Kable. It sits on a custom wall shelve, similar in design to a Sound Organization or Target unit.