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Crystal CDs ... and LPs ?

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  • Crystal CDs ... and LPs ?

    Admittedly, things digital are toward the rear of my focus but I'd never heard of crystal/glass CDs.

    Reading about these makes me wonder about the history of alternative media (not format) for records/LPs - or if there were/are any of such. (No - picture vinyl does not count. ;-> ) People say a "problem" with records is the physical thing itself.

    I'm aware that the physical composition of vinyl pellets can and does impact sonics, but what about an altogether different media. Has there been any effort in that direction? What would wear well (better) while at the same time do no more arm to a diamond, sapphire, etc. stylus AND be quiet, not attract dust, take an imprint, clean up nicely, accommodate an accurate center hole, etc. etc.

    [Myles, I did not know where to put this post, so feel free to move it.]

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    I had purchased 2 of these $$$$ CD's in the past. The company was also thoughtful enough to send a "regular" Redbook CD, LP and hi-rez digital download of the same. I took them over to Mike L.'s place and a couple of us had an afternoon of listening. I think Mike (or even I) wrote about it somewhere.

    They are for sale now!!!!