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Last Vinyl Record Plant in Canada to Close

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  • Last Vinyl Record Plant in Canada to Close

    The economics of making Vinyl Records remain challenging in 2017.....

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    Precision Record Pressing in Burlington, ON opened last year. It's a joint venture with GZ Vinyl and Isotope Music.

    I have one album pressed by CBV (Lauren Mann - Dearestly). They weren't able to capture the national market and basically put out small run Indie labels(bands). I'm not surprised to hear of their demise. A real shame after all of the hard work he did and the passion he had.
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      Precision Record Pressing could grow to be the second biggest record manufacturing plant in North America
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        And one just opened north of me, in Opa Locka Fl., with 6 presses. Cowabunga!


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          Gonna get by there one day soon & see if I can get a peek.

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          Is that near Miami?

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        Yep, just slightly northeast of where I am, in Hialeah.


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          interesting, vinyl plants could supplement their revenues by offering tours of the facilities.
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