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Some Listening Sessions with the Air Force One Turntable

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  • Some Listening Sessions with the Air Force One Turntable

    Hmmmm...mention of a less expensive AF Four turntable too!

    Will need to use Google Translator because couldn't save in English.
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    They have a squadron now.
    With all the lower priced tables in the line could sales of Airforce One nosedive?


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      If I ever went into vinyl an air force would be my second choice on VPI being made here in the USA.
      Now of air force is made here that would make things even tougher but gotta love how they look lol.
      Of course I have no idea hiw they play it's purely on looks
      analog stuff.
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        I think it will cannibalize AF1 sales, however if earnings growth is the objective then more sales of lower cost TT's will more than offset the sales/profit margin drop on the af1.
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          didn't they announce at some point an even higher end model, the air force zero?
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            I think they will skip the "unlucky" number 4 and go straight to 5. It will be similar in size as a AF3 but the motor will be in the main chassis and will have a sub platter. Even more compact.


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              Originally posted by MylesBAstor View Post
              Hmmmm...mention of a less expensive AF Four turntable too!

              Will need to use Google Translator because couldn't save in English.
              How I wish that mag was published in English.


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                I know right? I get a free copy every issue and all I can do is look at the pictures. Time to learn Nihonggo. LOL. At least the pictures are enough to get one by on the music sections.