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Zero Distortion: PTP Lenco and Nottingham Dais, Zyx 4D, SPU a95

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  • Zero Distortion: PTP Lenco and Nottingham Dais, Zyx 4D, SPU a95

    Why did people trade down from the TW Acustic Raven and Verdier to the PTP Lenco? Why did Salvatore use the Nantais Lenco as a reference for years? Why is PTP Art Dudley's favorite TT?

    My first trip started with a visit to Geneva, where I heard the Nantais Lenco Mk2.

    This was followed by

    1. Nottingham Dais – SME 3012 R with Ortofon SPU anniversary 95 and Graham Phantom with Hana SL
    2. PTP Lenco with Moerch DP8, one wand having the Zyx 4D and the other with Benz LPS
    3. PTP tweaks
    4. Stein Carbon Signature mat which I bought after an AB at Munich
    5. Will follow up with notes of Ortofon SPU a95 vs a85 in another system
    6. Will follow up with SPU a95 compared on FR 64 and EAT tonearm (replica of Ortofon 309) in a third system
    7. Will follow up with compare of PTP vs Schopper Thorens 124, in at least one other system

    To sum up, I have begun ordering the PTP 12.

    Details here

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    Hey Ked, will the PTP 12 be your first 'big' table? I think you mentioned before you're just getting into vinyl playback.


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      Yes. I think I will keep one arm as the 9 inch Moerch DP8, as it allows me to play around with carts by simply changing wands, and I have to decide on the other 12 inch one. I will rotate it around to some locals who have the Kuzma, Kronos Pro and Schopper Thorens 124. The Schopper is something I am a big fan off, and the guys who bought it sold off their SME 30/2, Brinkmann Lagrange, and the top Clearaudio because the preferred the Schopper, so it will be interesting to compare these two.