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Technics 1200 MKV for mono olnly

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  • Technics 1200 MKV for mono olnly

    Good Morning, last year purchased a used but in excellent condition Technics 1200 for higher than market value to retrofit either an SME IV or SME M2-9 arm on it. While pondering which one to put on I decided that putting lipstick on a pig isn't going to improve the table as much as I would like it and will go a different route. Trying to get what I paid for it has proven difficult and while I don't need it anymore, I don't want to give it away. Which has prompted me to consider fitting a nice mono cartridge and using it as a dedicated mono rig. Any thoughts? The table is fun to use, had a platter wobble which I mostly cured by finding a NOS platter at a great price. I welcome any experiences, words of wisdom etc.

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    Of course I meant only not olnly