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    Is it just that I am not in the loop or has the craze of new cables slowed a few years ago that was the number one topic.

    100% silver wire was big for awhile and with the price of silver so low it should be a good time to do silver if it is your cup of tea.

    I have always stuck with Cardas too many brands to try them all using Clear right now

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    Even if there are fewer new cables or companies making them in the marketplace, there were entirely too many anyway. No?
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    • Garth
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      There are way too many for all but the most fanatical to try and hear them all just seems like the cable swapping craze is less than it was yes or no

    • 1morerecord2clean
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      Not certain Garth. Gut reaction is yes fewer. OTOH I recently bought two new AC Shunyata PCs and began using a balanced IC.