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Basic cables question

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  • Basic cables question

    do you prefer solid core or multi-strand wires?

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    I prefer solid core for speaker's, tin plated copper multi strand for signal and solid co-ax for digital


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      I think it depends on the design and implementation of the cables. I've owned solid core cables (Acoustic Revive) and stranded cables (Jorma Design) before. Even comparing similar priced models, Jorma are on a higher level & sound more natural/organic to my ears. I currently own a full loom of Jorma wire. Design-wise they are stranded copper cables with ceramic glass fibre filling & heavily shielded tin-plated copper shielding. Re: your separate question about speaker cables; I recently upgraded from Jorma Prime to Statement sc's which are shotgun cables & took my system to a new level of realism (which is usually the case as you move up the range).
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        Since I use only NO i guess Im a solid (core) kind of a guy.


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          I have not had any luck with solid core speaker cables at all. If I you force me to make a blanket statement it would have to be Stranded for Speakercables and solidcore for interconnects for me...