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    Originally posted by MylesBAstor View Post
    Granted some of this also comes down to experience/exposure and I still aver that what makes a good reviewer is having the ability to listen to lots of different equipment in their system and ascertain what sets the standards in different areas. Seems silly for new reviewers to start out reviewing $20k+ pieces of gear with no frame of reference.
    Well said Myles. What always makes me pause is when someone say's "it's the best I've ever heard". I'm always thinking what have they heard? Or better yet, what have they heard in their system, and better still, what have they owned/purchased with their money? Experience is weighted with investment. Never forget the emperors new cloths.


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      Natural Sound or Organic, is when the Emperor wears no clothes. This is what would make one audio designer more preferable than another is his/her ability to undress the Emperor w/o adding components that add other clothes ( circuit design). There can never be a perfect amplifier because it is electrical and electrical follows the law of physics which has no free lunches, so they must make trade offs with the noise that is created and disperse it, they can not eliminate it, the best that they can do is tame it. The numbers for s/n really is not an indication of how well some amps sound, I have found that some amps that you can hear the circuit noise with your ear at the speaker have an overall better sound than some that you would need a stethoscope to hear. I believe that the front end is the heart and when we tune the front end we always hear new stuff or maybe we think that we do. That eventually subsides and we tune again, don't we?

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    Myles to look for how to improve a product is not impossible but making it happen without the expense of its other virtues is where the difficulty is.
    Better is new in most cases but true improvment must be heard for days to be inprovent that’s real.
    You analog guys are very cheated I. Many ways where digital can be transformed by clicking a mouse for a different filter or sample version.
    I can make the stage come from behind or in front or flat across from a touch pad.
    One phrase I use is grand illusion none of or is real it’s all in our heads
    may I ask you what your reviewing ?
    And I would like you to come to my place soon. Plenty for you to see and hear.


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      Myles I go another route " that we don't notice a problem in our system until we hear something better in another system?
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