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    Speakers I have lived with that needed to be played loud - Sonus Faber Extrema's, Magnaplenar Timpany and MG3.3, B&W801S3 - curiously not the B&W802S3, Focal Grande Utopia Be. Probably neighbors did notice them, as they could sound great at frightening levels!

    Speakers I have lived with that sounded good at lower levels - Quad ESL63, Audiostatic , any SoundLab, B&W Silver Signature, Sonus Faber Amator, Ensemble PA1 silver (a real champion in this aspect),

    I would place Wilson 7, Maxx3 and X2 , Sonus Faber Aida and Audio Physics Kronos in a middle class between the two preceding ones.

    I would not say that the ESL57 sounded great at lower levels, unless you were very close to them, using them as big headphones.

    All IMHO, surely. Probably the electronics I used with these speakers also influenced the game!
    My opinions rely on listening mainly to acoustical, non amplified music. I do not care about electronic music or listening to rock at stadium levels, but I enjoy Mahler and Shostakovitch.