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If it *is* all subjective, are some systems really better than others?

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    Originally posted by Kingrex View Post
    We as individuals and maybe even as cultures accentuate our music.
    Interesting that you would say that Rex. When I was talking to Winston Ma (RIP) one time, he thought that countries had a certain sound. For example;

    US, bold and dynamic ie JBL

    Japan, small and refined, tubes and horns, Kondo with ...

    Germany, cool and precise ie Burmester (Porsche)

    UK, lots of PRAT ie Naim

    Italy, warm and romantic ie tubes and Sonus Faber

    And so on. I agreed with him and thought that was an interesting cultural characteristic. He had described the Japanese sound as a partial result of ultra small rooms and listening in the near field. The UK also with small rooms, but with brick construction, 220V... The Germans, well they are Germans... It was a long conversation, we had a lot of those.


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      To the extent that we could agree on what system parameters are musically significant and then evaluate them, some systems would be markedly better at achieving those parameters than others. What is subjective is determining those parameters and weighting them. Likewise, the art in assembling a truly superb system is the tradeoffs you choose to make or rather how you balance often competing parameters.
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