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Get Your Name on the next Fiona Joy SACD for $200

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  • Get Your Name on the next Fiona Joy SACD for $200

    From Cookie Marenco at Blue Coast Records....

    Click image for larger version

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    "For the most ardent fans of Fiona and Blue Coast Records, we have an invitation to be immortalized on the SACD. Until September 10, we will add your name under "Special Thanks" on the digipak, send you 2 SACDs of "Into the Mist" (one signed) and a certificate of appreciation for $200. Space is limited. Please take advantage of this quickly if you are interested.


    If you click on the cover art link at the MicroStore you will see a pdf of the nearly completed 6 panel digipak. You'll also see the space where your name will appear on every digipak sold. It's a beautiful cover design worthy of a Grammy with artwork on the tray card by Fiona.

    We expect to ship the discs on December 1, 2016 even though the actual release may not occur until Feb 2017. Additional signed and regular copies will be available in time for holiday gift giving.

    About the Recording....

    We used vintage B&K 4012 microphones on the 1885 7' Steinway, Millennia pre-amps and our specially designed silver/copper cable. Combined this equipment offers us the widest dynamic range without use of compression. This allows us to capture the full range of Fiona's delicate nuances and explosive phrasing. Most songs were recorded in one full take. No overdubs or headphones were used in this recording.

    We recorded the entire album in DSD256, mixed through an analog console and back to DSD 256. (Thank you, David Robinson!). After many, many tests, we find that DSD or analog tape is our preferred sound.

    That said, we offer 8 different formats for you preferred listening at home. We realize that many of you have systems optimized for WAV or FLAC or DSD of various sampling rates. When I'm not in the studio, I listen to many formats including YouTube (yes, a complete playlist of :"Into the Mist" exists there also). For a downloads visit:

    Many of you wonder why we don't mix "in the box/computer". After numerous tests we find that adding efx and volume changes in an analog stage better preserves the original sound. Sometimes, we run through the tape machine without tape just to get a "sound". That's what we did for "Into the Mist". Why? because we liked it.

    "Into the Mist" followed on the heels of Signature - Solo, Fiona's first solo piano recording with Blue Coast that topped the ZMR Radio charts and won Best Solo Piano of the Year. For "Into the Mist", Fiona expands her composition prowess to more impressionistic and romantic themes. Her influences from travelling to China (now 3 successful tours) is heard on songs like "Moon Over Lotus Pond".

    David Robinson of Positive-Feedback fame (and champion of DSD 256) said this of Fiona's album...
    "Her calm and delightful presence imparts a harmony that is more than simply musical…it is soulful. It moves me to contemplation, and to that quiet shift inwards that heals. And that's a very high compliment to her composition and playing." You can read the whole review here.

    Recording an album is an expensive venture. Many fans are not aware that sales do not cover the costs of recording, mixing, mastering, conversions and building a MicroStore. Once complete, there are manufacturing, marketing, promotion, internet and radio costs. Storing email addresses and files for downloads comes with a hefty price monthly tag as well.

    With your help we will provide Fiona an opportunity to receive the worldwide attention she deserves. If you would like to contribute to our cause for other titles (like Executive Producer) or support other artists / projects becoming SACDs, please contact us directly!

    At this time, we would also like to thank Bob Rogers for his incredible support!.

    Write to us at [email protected]

    Have a GREAT week of loving and living music!
    Cookie Marenco

    founder and producer
    Blue Coast Music "