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Zero Distortion Digital Shootout

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  • Zero Distortion Digital Shootout

    In Mumbai during Xmas hols, stopped by at Jazzhead’s, where over two days we did a shootout of:
    1. Stahltek transport with Trinity dac
    2. Stahltek transport with Stahltek Opus Prime dac
    3. Stahltek transport with Aqua formula dac
    4. Neodio Origine, which works as a standalone CD player

    Jazzhead’s system is all Stillpointed, and a set of the shun mook giant diamond resonators I brought along were rotated under various dacs to compare with the SS Ultra. The rest of his system is comprised of Trinity Pre, Vitus SS102, and Marten Coltrane 2, with elaborate Tripoint and Entreq grounding network, SMT wings and diffusers, and cabling from Stage 3 Kraken and Leviathan, in a 25 x 11 room. All compares were done using Redbook CDs.

    Now in March he continues to be delighted with the Neodio

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    Nice listening session. Are the Mooks stands like stillpoints, or the pucks you put on top of your gear.

    PAP Trio 10/Voxativ & PAP Trio 15 Horn speakers, Ampsandsound Casablanca monoblocks, First Sound Audio Mark 3SI Paramount preamp,
    Mojo Audio Deja Vu server, Mojo Audio Mystique V3 DAC, The Linear Solution Ethernet Switch, Blue Jeans Ethernet cablling,
    Akiko Corelli, Custom power strip direct wired to panel with OFC copper wire. Inakustik Ref Air 2404 Speaker cable. Genesis and Inakustik NF2404 Air Interconnects. ADDPower Symphony and Electraclear.


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      The pucks you put on top of the gear are minor tweaks. These I refer to in the write-up are footers, giant blocks of ebony, with a diamond in the tip.