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  • DSD and HD downloads?

    Who do you use, HDTracks, Acoustic Sounds? Titles you might recommend? I use my laptop to Auralic Vega with up to quad DSD capabilities.
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    I really like NativeDSD
    They have an eclectic collection of music.


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      Thanks, I'll check them out today.

  • #3 is my favorite.
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      Cool store!

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    I like You can buy a streaming subscription like Tidal and/or buy and download individual albums. They offer HD streaming and discounted purchase prices for subscribers. I found their catalogue pretty complete.


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      Since the availability of albums varies by site, for DSD Downloads I use Acoustic Sounds, Blue Coast Music and NativeDSD Music.

      There is a list of the 30 DSD music download sites in the Native DSD Database spreadsheet.
      It's available on line at

      Native DSD Database - DSD Download Sites


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        Most of the downloads I buy are from Bandcamp (many are available in 24 bit now) or direct from artists websites. Though I have to admit, when I listen digitally these days, it is mostly streaming from Tidal. Sound Quality is excellent (especially since the MQA upgrade to my iFi DAC) and I always find things I want to listen to.
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          High Definition Tape Transfers has a large number of DSD256 transfer downloads from 15ips 2 track tapes and other analogue sources. Also they have DXD352 transfers. All classical and jazz. They also downsample to lower resolutions if your DAC can't handle the super hirez.

          Has sales around just about every holiday.


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