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    Audio Aero Capitole MK2 was a great CD Player. It sounded very analog, but i remember it had problems with its transport.
    I would rather have the Audio Aero Prima tube dac and a great transport like the CEC TL 1 Transport. That Audio Aera Dac was one of the best sounding Dac's i'v heard.
    That Dac just sounded so smooth. I heard the Audio Aero Prima Tube Dac on a Sony XA7ES CD player which made a really good Transport.
    A great sounding Tube CD Player i heard was the Musical Fidelity Nu Vista CD Player and a clock modification.
    I'm using a Sony SCD-XA777 Tube CD Player with an outboard power tubed power supply modified by Modwright.
    Here's a pic.
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