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Neodio's New Take on Direct Sales

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  • Neodio's New Take on Direct Sales

    Begone distributors and a big time cut in price.

    I heard the original edition of the Neodio Origine with Lamm and Wilson gear and it was splendid, as analog-sounding as I've heard digital. I hope their new approach works out.

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    Well this answers this question in the link!

    How do traditional retailers make it work?- mfr direct and ever increasing upscale models and increasing rents and on...............
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      Im not that familiar with the brand but regardless, word of mouth and goodwill only get you so far. to reach a larger audience and get the word out, cos. like these will be more reliant on good--legitimate--press (reviews) than anything else. im curious how the direct sales model is viewed by reviewers when publications like Stereophile have an ongoing policy to only review products with a dealer network, or have we crossed the bridge already?
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