in thinking the best I own seems to be lire analog to dsd conversion I wonder why is it so good. Could it really challenge a tape transfer in this thought I have a question and possible answer too
is a tape transfer to dsd master ,1 or 2 gen sourced
of its master it may yield why they sound so good to me not even any of you tape transfers are close to master
i make no claim to dsd being better than pure anolog
but consider this of the dsd source is master and I do feel dsd is a very good recording medium is there any truth to my thoughts ? Even a simple 1/4 inch safety track that Myles shared with me transferred to dsd is damn good suburb in some ways.
The pinao is one instrument that most dacs fail at even if it's done ok. Even msb back when I bought my stack admitted to its short comings of it then just one gen back
now the new sel 2 from what I have read and know two who have heard it not counting bob of rapsidy proclaim its virtues of pinao.
For when I go to one dac I feel plays it very well the runner up is pail
now piano seems to do well on almost any well done an anolog rig. So there must be something to this thought

any ideas or commmets welcome please