To celebrate the upcoming DSD Surround Sound release of Mahler Symphony No. 3 by the BFO - Budapest Festival Orchestra on Channel Classics, Native DSD Music has released a recording session outtake of Movement 1 of the Symphony as a Free DSD Download.

Recorded in and optimized for DSD256 Surround Sound, it's also available as a Free Download in DSD 64, DSD 128 and DXD Stereo and Surround Sound from the Just Listen section of the Native DSD Music web site.

"In recognition of the upcoming Channel Classics release of the Budapest Festival Orchestra's Mahler Symphony No.3 recording on April 28, NativeDSD presents a session outtake of the symphony's Movement No.1 beginning passage.

This clip was separately recorded using a natural perspective minimalist five microphone ITU alignment for surround sound in DSD256, and provides a unique insight to the collaborative effort of the session recording process. The original five channel raw DSD256 recording was also converted to, and available in 5.0 Channel DSD128, DSD64, and DXD, and further mixed to stereo in the above four format bit and sample rates.

The Mahler 3 recording took place in the Budapest Bella Bartok National Concert Hall in two sessions: March 7, 2016, and March 27-29, 2016. This clip was from Take 2 of the 1st Movement, after a control room review of Take 1 with conductor Ivan Fischer, producer/recording engineer Jared Sacks, and several orchestra principles. In that audition, the tonal character of the bass drum at the movement beginning was discussed, and changes proposed for Take 2.

What’s presented is an unedited DSD256 recorded session excerpt optimized for 5.0 surround sound by microphone selection and placement. It was later converted to the other DSD bit rates, and additionally mixed to 2.0 channel for stereo delivery. It’s a backstage peek into a session recording of a major orchestra."