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The Making of Gabrieli in DSD Surround Sound & You Tube Video

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  • The Making of Gabrieli in DSD Surround Sound & You Tube Video

    San Francisco's KQED public broadcasting station has produced an excellent 25-minute video "The Making of Gabrieli" which is now available for your viewing enjoyment on YouTube.

    The video tells the story of how the nation's best brass players were assembled as the National Brass Ensemble to re-create and perform a historic 1968 recording of sacred music by the great Italian Renaissance composer Giovanni Gabrieli — and also lay down a new work specially written for them by American film composer John Williams. It includes scenes from the session rehearsals at Sonoma State University and the recording session at Skywalker Sound with Five/Four Productions recording engineer Michael Bishop.

    The album is available as a Surround Sound SACD from Amazon and other sellers and as a Stereo and Surround Sound DSD Download from NativeDSD Music.

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    the link is not working
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      I got it to work first time yesterday. Very nice. Two things tug my heart strings on this. It pays homage to the Columbia album made 50 years ago with the brass players of Philly Orch, Chicago, and Cleveland. My teacher at the time is seated down front in the album cover photo. They are snickering because he didn't have a tie or coat for the photo and he borrowed them and the photo happened even though the clothes don't match or fit.

      Second thing that that this album meant to me was a friend in my high school math class who owned a high end system consisting of an AR Turntable and Rogers Speakers. No recollection of the electronics. I brought this album over so we could hear it together on his system. We were jumping around it sounded so good and we were so excited by it.
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