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Jam WiFi symphony model

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  • Jam WiFi symphony model

    first starters wow.
    Had this laying around for about 6 months never opened the box.
    Down south I setup my wife with a boatload of automation.
    Next 3 zones
    bose WiFi radio
    ring doorbell funny I left it on and it rings in nyc lol. There was a outside exterminator and it seen his motions.
    Alexa a mad cool device.
    All voice controlled from Alexa and phones.

    Here in nyc not much thinking of getting ring
    but as of today I am playing this jam WiFi symphony and it’s trally cool. It is voice command from my iPhones and pads and if I bought an Alexa it works with it too.
    Now it plays all the usual streamers.
    You know the gang. But it also plays tidal now this is way cool. It also can find network music as well.
    Soundwise it’s pretty good and blows Way the bose down south.
    Anyway for anyone thinking of one of the hey play this for me. This is highly rated so far by me.
    Hope this helps someone thinking of buying such a gift for a loved one.