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Anyone interested in making their own Turntable Dustcovers for low cost?

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  • Anyone interested in making their own Turntable Dustcovers for low cost?

    I had just finished rebuilding a former radio station turntable and didn't feel like paying $200-300 for custom dust cover so I grabbed a leftover a piece of acrylic "glazing" I had bought a larger sheet of from the local Big Box Store to fix a storm door. Using my Saber Saw I cut it to shape, sanded the edges smooth, and then I used my Bernzomatic torch to heat it where I wanted to bend it. It was all pretty easy, and even though free came out a little messy.

    I decided I like the concept of being able to make a quick DIY dustcover, if I could neaten the messiness from the torch. For the next step I built this Acrylic Bending Table from some inexpensive Big Box Store Plywood and hinges, along with a length of "heater wire" (Nichrome Wire), aluminum channel, and a spring. The idea would be to use the Variac (Variable AC Transformer) I already use at my test bench for a new function as well.

    The "heater wire" is stretched taught in an aluminum channel and I use a line cord with alligator clips to clip onto both ends of the wire and then turn on the Variac to around 20-30 VAC which gets the wire to glow a dull red. I lay the acrylic on the table where I want to make the bend and get a nice clean bend now!

    Acrylic Bending Table by
    c f, on Flickr

    I made this dust cover from a $12 piece of acrylic bough directly from the Big Box Store in exactly the correct size:

    TD-150 Covered by c f, on Flickr

    More expensive Fluorescent Acrylic, Blue in this case, was available from ebay shipped for $24 in exactly the correct size for this dust cover:

    Blue Dust Cover by c f, on Flickr

    These are very simple "set-on" dust covers with a spindle hole to guide placement, that can double as a hanger hole if you install a brass round head screw in the wall near the turntable - and you hang the cover by the spindle hole on the screw head.

    My thought is at these low costs there is no need to have naked turntables!

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    You can make these low cost simple bent acrylic dust covers for your tape decks too:

    TEAC acrylic dust cover ts by c f, on Flickr


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      Those are all really nice. I need to make a dust cover for the entire room. I hate dust more than just about anything.
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        Originally posted by dminches View Post
        Those are all really nice. I need to make a dust cover for the entire room. I hate dust more than just about anything.
        Thanks! These are soooo inexpensive and simple to make.


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          I built this wood case and bent the dust cover for my Crown CI-822 for well under $50 all-in. The heavy gate handles really aid in moving the beast. Take note of the Sonex foam in back of the case to drop the noise floor in the listening room.

          Crown cover 1 by c f, on Flickr
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            Very cool...


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              You appear to be WAY handier than I am!
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                This was a cool one showing how to use an angle in the bend and using Fluorescent Orange Acrylic that actually "light up" quite a bit more to the eye than on a camera. It's coveraing a Beast of a classic Rek-O-Kut with an Ortofon Dynamic Tracking Force Tonearm.

                Rek-O-Kut Orange Dust Cover by c f, on Flickr