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    Proud owner of two EICO ST-40 Amplifiers. Had one many years ago, in the late 1970s. When I went to modern amps, I was very disappointed in the flat transistor sound. Everything was one dimensional and flat. Love the sound of 50s and 60s LPs on the ST-40.

    Any other EICO owners here?


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    not familiar with it; what is it, a tube monobloc power amp?
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      It's a 20 WPC Vintage Stereo Integrated Amplifier. Eico ST-40 uses 7591 output tubes.

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    I have owned and own original Eico HF-89, HF-87, HF-81 integrated, HF-14 and HF-35 monoblock models. I also own new Eiclone HF-89 monoblocks and overall the newer monoblock builds sound much better to me. I actually have a set of 30wpc James Burgess built Eiclone monoblocks (currently running in 30wpc triode). They can run 6550s and KT88s can be directly substituted or EL34s can be used with a quick bias adjustment.
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