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  • Thinking of a move to Accuphase

    I'm thinking of trying some Accuphase gear. I'll most likely be shopping for an integrated amp to begin with. Unfortunately I don't have an unlimited budget to work with to buy new gear. I'll most certainly be looking at used. That being said I'm seeing a lot of 100v gear with step down transformers. I have a few questions and unable to find a retailer that will return my calls and looking for tech support has been a dead end.

    1. How concerned should I be in purchasing a piece of gear that has been manufactured as far back as 2008? Are the internals superior enough for me not to be concerned with a failure in the near future?

    2. Should I have concerns for using 100v gear with a step down transformer?

    3. I know power ratings can be conservative when listed in specs. Does Accuphase follow this tradition? Would 90wpc @ 4, 105wpc @ 6, 115wpc @ 4 be adequate to push speakers in the 86db 1w/1m (or along those lines)?

    Thanks for any help or advice you can give. Personal experiences with Accuphase would be great to hear. I doubt I'd be going with Class A gear to begin with, but hopefully I'll move up later as $$$$ allows.

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    Accuphase makes excellent sounding products. The reason you see so many 100v units for sale in the USA is due to the huge price disparity between the Japanese pricing and North American pricing, which leads to a lot of grey market items being brought into the US. In some instances, grey marketed items will receive no support from the NA distributor, even if you are willing to pay. I am not sure if that is the case with Accuphase, but I would check.


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      It was surprising -to me- when I'd learned Accuphase had, actually, grown out of Kenwood/Trio; starting around 1970. The vintage Kenwood KA-9100 and KA-9150 integrateds, for example, even were handed down a lot of the luxurious topology of the legendary flagship E-202.


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        Accuphase products are built for a lifetime. Most of them have internal tapping to change to 120, 230 or 240 volts - any competent service guy will be able to do it.

        as said, no warranty of potential service from the rip off USA distributor.


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          I would be concerned with possible stress/damage done by users running 100v gear at 120v
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            Originally posted by JCOConnell View Post
            I would be concerned with possible stress/damage done by users running 100v gear at 120v
            The 100v was always used with a step down transformer through a Furman conditioner.

            Also looking at Esoteric F-05.


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              Originally posted by stereo_luver View Post

              The 100v was always used with a step down transformer through a Furman conditioner.

              Also looking at Esoteric F-05.
              Yes try to see if the amp has a universal transformer as they just have to change the wiring on the transformer (a 5 minute job) to your voltage. I don't know if it can be done on Accuphase but any repair tech can do it.

              Alternatively, you could look at the Sugden Masterclass and PureAudio amplifiers as other class A/very high bias class A amplifiers on the second hand market.

              Another one to look at is Luxman as they have amplifiers with a similar style to Accuphase and also have class A models. But I don't know how they're priced in the USA. I had a quick look at music direct and they sell the Luxman 505UXII for $4,495 +tax. Here in Hong Kong the same amplifier sells for $2,885 after converting to US and no tax in HK.

              So I think I'll be buying my gear here and when I move back to the west I'll get the voltage changed.
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