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Sparkle with tube rolling or Solid State CJ 350se amp

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  • Sparkle with tube rolling or Solid State CJ 350se amp


    I'am new to this so I'll give it a go. My system is centered around Magnepan 20.7's and Wolcott 220 monoblocks . The Wolcotts do a great job of driving the Magges with that awesome mid-range tube magic, with Mullard EL34 on the output and Electro-Harmonix 6922 on the input. I recently for kicks demoed the Mark Levinson 23.5 amp (ML), which on my system had the sparkle in upper frequencies that I missing to that extent with the Wolcotts, the bass was tight as expected, my Wolcott;s are quite good in the base as well. The ML mid range was distant and thin. So I was glad I didn't buy on the blind. My search is for that sparkle, but would not want to give up much on the mid-range magic of tubes. I would like your experience with the following that I'am considering with tube rolling and the CJ 350se:

    1) Tube rolling either on the input stage of the Wolcott with Russian grade 6H23p-EB in place of the 6922 or would it be more cost effective to roll the output to ether Gold Lyons KT77 or Tung-Sol EL34B. I need to be careful not to get too bright, the Maggie tweeters can be unforgiving and would not want to give up too much in the mid-range..

    2) Considering the Conrad-Johnson 350se power amp. The reviews are pretty impressive, but so were the Mark Levinso'sn. An article indicated that CJ 350 perspective is middle of the road, neither in my face nor distant." Does this mean the sound stage is right behind the speakers or considerably back? The ML were considerably back which is not my preference. the Wollcott perspective is right behind the speakers, literally there in your room which is to my liking. Would like to hear members experience.

    Appreciate your experience with either of the above.
    Thank you in advance.

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    I heard the 20.7 at my local dealer driven by Audio R Ref 200 or something. High power tube AR monoblocks. It was stunning.

    I heard the 30 7 at the same place, same room driven by Dagostino. Not the same for me. I'm a tube guy. IMO, play with the tubes.

    The front end tubes set the pace. The power tubes give the dynamics. IMO again, New Sensor tubes are not in the same class as NOS. I have been using Upscale Audio E88cc telefunkin in my preamp. I have 3 sets. Love them. Also used the Siemens. Very nice.

    KT77 is a nice power tube. More punch than the el34. You have a lot of combo to try.
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