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New power amp under $2000 to replace a Naim 250 driving Linn Saras!

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  • New power amp under $2000 to replace a Naim 250 driving Linn Saras!

    That title might seem very specific, but a friend of mine had her 30+ year old Naim 250 fail, and the price to repair it has her wanting to replace it. She is running equally old Linn Sara speakers, that get way down under 3 ohms in impedance at certainly lower frequencies. She is currently running a mid 1980s Sumo Nine+ in its place, but that is not really getting the job done for her.

    Looking only for new amps, and specifically to drive the Saras, and keeping the price under $2000. anyone have any reasonable suggestions? She is still very much a Linn/Naim sound fan, so looking for something that wont alter the general sound of her system too much. Other than possibly a Heed Obelisk PS stereo amp I'm kind of drawing a blank.
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    What preamp is she running? If she is using a Naim preamp, I was never happy using some other amp with them. Also, if she is using a Naim preamp, I assume she has a good DIn-to-RCA cable to drive the amp...

    Driving the old Linn Sara's is the trick. Don't know how they would sound with today's amps. Personally, I'd try to find a good used (newer, recapped) 250 and call it a day.

    If she wants something new, I would also recommend the Heed Obelisk PS stereo amplifier, MSRP $2000. I can send her one to try if she would like. Best to do a home demo for any prospective amp...
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      I am very pleased with the W4S ST500MkII in my second system, and it's currently on sale for well under $2000. Although I haven't tried it specifically into low-impedance loads, everything I have read suggests that shouldn't be any problem at all.
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