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Mike L, your new amps are on the way!

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  • Mike L, your new amps are on the way!

    Here are the prototype NHB-468 amps proudly displayed by Mr Dartzeel himself, Hervé Deletraz! I found some preliminary specs for the amps on a Chinese website (see below), so obviously they could be inaccurate or subject to change. But knowing Hervé, they should be amazing amps!

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    I need to ask Herve about them.

    I do have 2 faceplates from these. All I can afford. LoL


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      Pleasure control turned up to max!

      Click image for larger version

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        thanks for the link; I had not seen that. and you are correct; those will be my next amps.

        can't wait. :-)

        at the L.A. Show all Herve said was that the 468 will be better, and that my 458's will fully be upgradable to the 468.

        I don't know what he has done or when these will be offered for sale (or when I can send in mine for the upgrade). I'm not one to read specs and 'speculate' on what that would mean in listening terms.


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          Upgradeable?!!!! Darn.

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        Herve spends as much time as needed to perfect his amps, so when the 468's are eventually released it should be worth the wait! It's great that the 458's will be fully upgradeable to 468 spec. Few high end manufacturers offer that kind of service these days .
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          Maybe Jonathan can comment too.
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            Originally posted by Bodhi View Post
            Few high end manufacturers offer that kind of service these days .
            unheard of with power amps. This is a first.

            System Gear


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              Christian, I know Vitus Audio for example will upgrade power amps where possible as they are module based. Modwright are another company which offer upgrades for legacy products (eg: KWA-150 > SE spec). But it's not common practice these days.