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"American Pickers" TV Show buys a Phase Linear 400 Amp

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  • "American Pickers" TV Show buys a Phase Linear 400 Amp

    The guys picked one up from a roadside homeowner in California for $275 in supposed working condition but they didn't test it. See latest episode.
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    The 400 was better sounding and less likely to go up in smoke than the original 700. I still wouldn't plug one in without some safety precautions and a thorough check up.


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      I still have two Phase Linear 400 Series 2 amps laying around. One had been gone through from the tech I bought it from and the other is still stock from the original owner that came with the owner's manual and service manual. They still sound very good.
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        Hi Guys ,

        My first Amp was the Phase Linear Model 700C . We owned it from 1986 to 1991 . It was a reliable amp did not have any problem . The only thing that I notice is every time I turned it on there was a split second flicker of the room light . But it was white , bright , analytical when driving our Snell Type A2 speakers . Even when I paired it w/ my first ARC product the SP6E preamp it did not sound good as well . We sold the Phase Linear to upgrade to the ARC D79B tube amp.

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          I owned the Phase 700, and later, the 400. The latter sounded way better. The power supplies on the PLs were woefully inadequate. I if I remember correctly, there were only 2 x 7,000 mFd caps on the 400! This is was what resulted in instability if you drove them too hard earning them the "Flame Linear" moniker.

          I modified the heck out of my 400 and it sounded very, very nice when finished. Used it many years.