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    Has anyone else been having trouble with the brain dead software that is the app for reading Stereophile on your mobile devices? I’m done with paper and have a number of online subscriptions with many different magazines. All work fine, to varying degrees, but Stereophile is the worst. After an upgrade all of my issues disappeared and the software company Zinio made me provide proof of payment through iTunes and still it’s not working right. I’m ready to give up on Stereophile altogether! Sorry, rant off...

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    I agree entirely. it drives me crazy that any time I try to expand a page it causes the website to change to the next page. The AS site is not great, but it generally functions


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      Yeah, I've had problems with Zinio and Stereophile on the subscription which cut off before it was supposed to expire, Zinio said it was a Stereophile problem and Stereophile said it was a Zinio problem. I copied them both at that point and suggested that they figure it out. They gave me more issues to compensate (good) and an auto renewal (bad) which I didn't want, but it took a little while to sort that out.
      On the device/compatibility issue, it used to work fine on an iPad. Using it on a Mac laptop is a nightmare, but I didn't install the app. I'll check and see if there is an app for Mac laptops. I actually only ordered a subscription b/c there were a few things I wanted to read. I got rid of boxes of old Stereophiles and TAS before I moved. I think I kept a couple early TAS print copies.
      PS: there is an app for a Zinio reader for Mac computers which formats much better but it seems very slow. I have Google fiber and usually show static download speeds in the high 90M. Haven't really played with it.


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        Buy paper remember analog Good digital Bad internet Ugly


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          Stereophile mag is included in the new Apple+ service. I used to use Texture which apple bought. I’m not affiliated with Apple.


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            I put Zinio out of it's misery(and mine) many years ago--haven't subbed to Stereophile since



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              Zino was a dog for me in load times and user interface... both on ipad and MS. Stereophile or Zino could not get my subscriptions straight either. But that was another matter. I would re-up if I knew it was faster and easier. Doesn't sound like it.

              Gone are the days where I would pour through the small format AS and Stereophile looking for gems..... sigh.
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