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    But hey digital has it's correction software fix all of this 😩 a bit perfect transfer yields perfection i think ?
    while I love digital it's clear to me analog has its virtues
    and I avoid going back and forth.
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      This is a photo from the book that I believed I mentioned back in my earlier post.
      The book is called "From Tin Foil to Stereo".
      Library of congress catalog card number: 75-5412
      International standard book numbers: 0-672-21205-6 (soft cover), 0-672-21206-4 (hard cover)

      As you can read the caption, the photos show record wear following 50 plays of vertical sweep-frequency modulation. To me, this sounds like a worst possible exercise for the vinyl.

      The book was printed in 1959 and 1977. I believe the photo and work on record wear most likely dates back to the 1959 version due to the choices of "pickups" and the mention of the high-quality .2 x .7 mil elliptical stylus at 1.5 grams tracking pressure.

      There are obvious wear points in the groove. The vinyl formulation being used is not mentioned and higher quality styli with tall and thin tracing facets are not tested.

      It would be very interesting if someone with a scanning electron microscope could do a more complete examination of wear. Anyone have one stuffed away in their closet?

      A selection of high quality styli, different vinyl formulations, different environmental conditions and different playback hardware could be tried to see what effects these parameters could have on record wear. I would be interested in record wear photos with old JVC Super Vinyl and modern tough vinyl formulations (like the latest MoFi Super Vinyl).

      I hope these old photos are useful to someone, or at least stirs interest of "Nirvanists".

      Good night all,
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