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    "I wonder what they do about chip."

    Looks like they just pick/sweep it off the finished product.


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      Originally posted by atmasphere View Post

      Nice! Its not that hard to find 'dub plates' for which this thing is designed. They hold up fairly well too- much better than lacquers but not as good as actual vinyl. I wonder what they do about chip.
      If you watch the video, they do nothing with the cuttings. There is no vacuum.
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        This is not related to this product, but Neil Young's, Letters to My Mother was cut on 7" disk in Jack White's phono both at his store in Nashville. I know a couple of people who worked on the project and they told me it was the worst sounding album they had ever worked on. Plus some of the songs were longer the 7" vinyl capacity (length) at they had to try to mix two different disk together that always had different levels for some reason they couldn't explain. They said they learned alot but the project was a nightmare


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          There was a semi-pro recording equipment company in the mid-20th century called "PRESTO". They made stuff like this all the time (during the pre-tape era) for domestic use and, the major blank media supplier of-the-day (AudioDevices) sold blank acetate coated 10" discs the machine's linear head would engrave grooves onto.