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Anyone Remember or Shop at Tech HIFI?

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  • Anyone Remember or Shop at Tech HIFI?

    Something kinda near and dear to my heart and arguably the beginning point of my audio journey!

    First “Audio” store I frequently back when was in college from 72-76. A good friend and fencing team team worked at the store on Broadway and 112th St. in Manhattan and used to bring equipment from the store back to his dorm room to listen to. Never forget listening to Bowie, Mott the Hoople, Brian Auger, the Dead, Yes, John Mayall, Pink Floyd and other bands on his dorm room system. My first pair of speakers were Ohm D2s that I bought from Tech HIFI (other friends bought the C2 with that awful super tweeter that peeled paint off the walls). Anyone remember that giant switch box that Tech HIFI used to switch between components?

    Here’s Steve’s interview with John Strohbeen, one of Tech HIFIs cofounders and current owner of Ohm Acoustics.
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    I remember them. I went to one in MA many years ago.
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      I remember the one in Harvard Square in the basement!
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        1975, first marriage ended. She kept the Fisher based stereo. Went to Tech Hifi for a system for my new tiny studio apt. Pioneer receiver, EPI speakers and a Garrard changer. First almost immediate upgrade was a Pioneer manual turntable and Pickering cart.
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          The one in Valley Stream, NY where I bought my first Sansui receiver and KLH speakers is now a Staples - or was that an Atlantis Sound....?
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            Atlantic Street Stamford Connecticut. I remember the row of floor standing speakers to the back of the store.


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              ...and everything went to a board ...they could switch in/out everything with a flick of the wrist. No wonder it all sounded different at home.


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                off the top of my head, the audio sellers of my youth were hifi associates, captain video, radio shack, and Lafayette. this was in ft Lauderdale.
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