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What is and isn't snake oil?

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    Snake Oil improves my system. (use responsibly)

    Click image for larger version

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      Is that Snake Oil, smooth?

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      I might have chosen not to park a bottle of snake oil next to one of my components. Bad optics.

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    At $10k for a 4" brass and wood "platform" I'm calling this Pranawire box snake oil especially after only being able to make it through the first couple of paragraphs of drivel on their website from Joe Cohen "Chief Visionary and Cat Masseur" - The Lotus Group

    Read all about it:

    "How often are you shaken to the core by what you are hearing? How often is your preconception of what the ultimate might sound like shattered by the actuality?

    You might think from some of my previous rantings that that is a common occurrence around here. But actually no. Not on this level. I will have to dig deep to describe what our latest addition is doing. What is humbling in this process is that we are not adding anything, rather we are attempting to remove that which we are not able to perceive until it is gone. We try not to self-censor before we start a new project. We try to allow our imagination to explore the farthest reaches of what is possible, not rejecting ideas that seem impractical. The whole venture is impractical from the start, but you knew that already.

    Today I began reading a rant from a respected engineer who was leaving an online group because he could no longer countenance conversation that included "non-scientific” claims of any kind. It was pages long, too long for me to read to the end, and to be entirely fair to him he presented important and cogent scientific information. Look, I get it. To an engineer why should a connector matter when it comes to transmission of electricity. Either it does so safely and properly or it does not. From that perspective he is entirely right. I am not going to argue with him whether cables matter or not, whether all of these upgrades are worthwhile or not.

    I am not interested in being right. I am interested in being moved. I want to feel like I can walk up to Johnny Hartman and thank him for all the beauty he brought into the world. I want to see John Coltrane standing there in his quiet dignity. I want to hear the last wisp of Hillary Hahn’s bow and feel the internal volume of Giovanni Hidalgo’s conga as its sound fills the stage. I want to see La Scala arrayed before me as the engineer in the recording session heard it in his headphones sixty years ago. I want to be able to understand from the sound why he placed the microphones where he did. That is why I am willing to go to crazy lengths to get there. For this we have to make our own roadmap as we are in uncharted territory. Arguing the merits of such a pursuit is for someone else. We don’t have the time. We do it because we are compelled by each little thing that brings us a step closer - following the carrot on that stick for as long as we are blessed with the ability to do so."
    "I'm...a rather simple person with a limited talent and perhaps a limited perspective"...Bill Evans

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      Interesting video, I loved it!