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  • How You Distancing Yourself?


    This: My audio room is stocked with 38 bottles of red wine, 44 bottles of beer, a few liters of vodka, a box of Cohibas, 46,864 tracks on the server, 9 years of vacuum tubes, and 42 rolls of toilet paper. So I’m in good shape. I’m 3 meters from the speakers but sometimes those damn vocalists get too close to me. At least they don’t spit.
    Myles B. Astor, PhD, Administrator
    Senior Editor,

    -Zellaton Plural Evo speakers
    -Goldmund Telos 300 stereo amp
    -Goldmund Mimesis 37S Nextgen preamplifier
    -Doshi EVO and Goldmund PH3.8 phonostage
    -VPI Vanquish direct-drive turntable
    -VPI 12-inch 3D Fat Boy dual pivot tonearm, VPI 12-inch 3D Fat Boy gimballed and SAT LM-12 arm
    -Lyra Atlas SL Lambda, Fuuga Mk. 2, vdh Colibri Master Signature, MutechHayabusa, MOFI Master Tracker, Sumiko Songbird cartridges
    -Technics RS1506 with Flux Magnetic heads, Doshi V3.0 tape stage (balanced)
    -Assorted cables including Transparent XL Gen. 6, Skogrand, Viero, Kubala-Sosna, Audience Au24SX, Genesis Advanced Technologies and Ensemble Power Cords
    -Accessories including Stillpoint Aperture panels, Cathedral Sound panels, Furutech NCF Nano AC receptacles; Silver Circle Tchaik 6 PLC, Symposium ISIS and SRA Craz 3 racks, Audiodharma Cable Cooker, Symposium Ultra and assorted SRA OHIO Class 2.1+ platforms.

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    Is the vinyl on quarantine?


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      30 miles from town in the mountains->guard elk->gate->fence->trees->barn.

      barn = fortress of solitude. with 2 stocked refrigerators (one for wine), my secret chocolate stash, 30 bottles of scotch, 3/4 bath, and the 'big rig' (click signature link below) downstairs. upstairs is all my workout gear, 65" 4k screen, lots of streaming video options, pool table, and photo processing spot. the wife will set food on the step when required. full home theater (10' wide 2:35-1 screen) in the house if i'm in the mood for risk taking.

      social distancing? i'm the poster boy. it's my normal mode.


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        Nicely done sir.

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      Seventeen floors up - actually about 22 floors equivalency with 3’ of airspace between each floor, about 3,000 records, Tidal, 600 cds committed to my hard drive, a completely new system - oldest piece 3 years old. Free floating condo unit. No one hears me and visa versa. Also just got a second hand Sennheiser headphone amp to match my HD700 Sennheiser phones so private listening and public are equally fun in different ways. Now, if I only had more paper towels and toilet paper. Plenty of beer, scotch, and wine.
      Turntable: TW Acustic TT with Ref motor & controller; Tri-Planar Arm; Ortofon Windfeld-Ti Cartridge, Harmonix-Combak platter mat & weight; PS Audio Stellar Phono Preamp; KLAudio Ultrasonic Record Cleaner.
      Digital: Bluesound Vault-2 Music Server & Streamer
      Amplification: PS Audio Stellar Phono Preamp, VTL 6.5 preamp Series II, Pass Labs 150.8 Amp
      Loudspeakers: Piega C711 Loudspeakers
      Isolation: Symposium Osiris Rack; Symposium Platforms and Roller Blocks plus grade 2.5 Balls
      Misc: PS Audio Noise Harvesters, Acoustic Revive RR-888 Low Frequency Pulse Generator, Synergistic Research 12 UEF SE Line Conditioner, Level 3 HC AC Cord and Level 3 power cords, Synergistic Carbon fiber wall plates, Synergistic Research Orange Outlet, Furutech NCF Booster Braces, Audio Art Ref IC, synergistic Research Atmosphere X Euphoria Level 3 Balanced ICs, Synergistic Research Euphoria Level 3 Speaker Cables, Synergistic Research Cable Risers.

      Sennheiser HDV 650 Headphone Amp; Sennheiser HD800s Headphones.


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        Having a dedicated music room is great. All I have to do is lock the door and hang a "Do Not Disturb" sign. I have enough music to play for the rest of my life, but sadly, my Scotch supply will run out eventually.
        Speakers/Amps: Genesis G2.2 Jr with Powered Servo-Sub Bass, Genesis GR1440 Mono Amps, 5,000 watts total power
        Preamp: SMc Audio VRE-1C Preamp (fully balanced inputs and output)
        Analog 1: VPI Signature 21 Belt-Drive Turntable w/ 10” 3D Printed Fatboy Gimbal Arm and Ortofon MC Windfeld Ti Phono Cartridge driving Lehmann Silver Cube Phono Preamp
        Analog 2: VPI HW-40 Direct-Drive Turntable w/ 12” 3D Printed Fatboy Gimbal Arm and Ortofon MC Anna Diamond Phono Cartridge driving Genesis Gold Phono Preamp
        Analog 3: Studer A810 R2R tape w/ Bridge Console. Using built-in tape preamp
        Digital: Lumin Network Player with Lumin NAS
        Cables: Genesis Advanced Technologies/Absolute Fidelity Interface Interconnects, Speaker, Phono and Power
        A/C Power: Extensive System Upgrades, Sub-panel w/hard-wired power cables, and IsoTek Super Titan Passive Power Conditioning for Amplifiers
        Accessories: Custom Acrylic Equipment Stands, Klaudio Ultrasonic RCM


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          Originally posted by MylesBAstor View Post

          This: My audio room is stocked with 38 bottles of red wine, 44 bottles of beer, a few liters of vodka, a box of Cohibas, 46,864 tracks on the server, 9 years of vacuum tubes, and 42 rolls of toilet paper. So I’m in good shape. I’m 3 meters from the speakers but sometimes those damn vocalists get too close to me. At least they don’t spit.
          Gotta watch out for the horn players though when they blow out the water key!

          Larder is stocked and we could probably go at least 2 months before we started getting low. Just the wife & I with the audio gear in the LR & her hobby in the spare bedroom. We're good.
          "I'm...a rather simple person with a limited talent and perhaps a limited perspective"...Bill Evans

          LP playback: Ariston RD 11 Superieur, Audiomods Series 6 Tonearm, Dynavector DV DRT XV-1s, Valab LCR MkIII, Target wall-mounted turntable shelf

          Amplification: Luxman L-550A II

          Speakers: B&W Nautilus 805 on sand-filled Atacama stands, B&W ASW600 subs (stacked 2x2)

          Cabling: inexpensive knockoff interconnects, Audio Sensibility Testaments (spkr)


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            Just opened a bottle of Anti Covid 19 Beer by way of Thelonious Monk Belgian Abbey Ale.
            Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_0806.JPG
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            Amp-McIntosh MC501x2,ATI 2505,ATI 1505,Innersound amp
            Preamp-McIntosh c2200,Marantz AV7005
            Phono Pre-Lehmann Audio Black Cube SE
            Speakers-Innersound Eros w/new panels and woofers,
            Von Schweikert VR4 HSE,Paradigm 80's 60's and CC350
            Crossover-DBX Venu 360
            Analog-Hanss T-60/SME V,Hana SL,2-Sony APR 5003,Revox B77
            Digital-Sony SCD XA5400ES, JRIVER Media Center
            Wadia DI122 DAC
            Subs-2 Velodyne HGS10's,2 Velodyne 1200's
            Tuner-Revox B760 McIntosh MR74 Sony XDR F1HD
            JVC Projector,Draper electric 92" screen
            Room dedicated 27'x16'x10', Bass traps
            VPI 17 record cleaning machine


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              Click image for larger version

Name:	38235F1C-D7EA-4AE9-AAF3-902F5765F01C.jpeg
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              Avalon Time, Walker Proscenium, Koetsu Coralstone, Air Tight PC-1 Supreme, Goldfinger Statement, Dalby record weight, Kondo KSL-SFz step-up, Jadis JP80-MC...heavily modified, Convergent Audio JL-2 Black Path, Sony NS999 ES Modwright modded, full loom High Fidelity Ultimate cables, Rel S-5 sub, Stillpoints ultra and 5's, Shun Mook, Dalby footers, Critical Mass bases, Acoustic System Resonators, Magnum Dynalab Etude, Telefunkens throughout, assorted fuses, Furutech outlets, PurePower conditioner.


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                One look at the “What Are You Listening To” thread here and it’s obvious what I’ve been doing! Back to work tomorrow though - I have worked from home since 2001, so that’s nothing new for me.
                TAPE: Studer A807, A810; Revox B77 MkII; Technics RS-1700; Pioneer RT-707, RT-909
                VINYL: Denon DP59-L/Hana ML/ModWright PH 9.0; Pioneer PL-50LII/Dynavector 20xH
                DIGITAL: Bryston SP-3, Marantz NA6006/Pioneer N-50, Schiit Bifrost
                SPEAKERS: B&W Nautilus 800, Pioneer DSS-9, Velodyne FSR-15
                AMPS: Cary SLP-05/Sunfire Signature 600, Pioneer SX-1980


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                  Originally posted by MylesBAstor View Post

                  This: My audio room is stocked with 38 bottles of red wine, 44 bottles of beer, a few liters of vodka, a box of Cohibas, 46,864 tracks on the server, 9 years of vacuum tubes, and 42 rolls of toilet paper. So I’m in good shape. I’m 3 meters from the speakers but sometimes those damn vocalists get too close to me. At least they don’t spit.
                  I hope you don't get forced into deciding between using your record cleaning fluid to clean your hands or to clean your records - hard times, tough decisions will be made.

                  I'm allowing my cigar and pipe tobacco stash to slowly deplete, I'm already rationing in hopes of lessening my dependency.

                  Cutting my cigars in half before I light them has become the new norm. Put the cut end in your mouth so your are smoking in the same direction - directional just like some cables and speaker wires.

                  Since I've been exercising regularly for the last 4 years my need for booze to relax has substantially subsided. My 1800 Tequila bottle is down to the last six or so shots, should last six months.


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                    Milenio Extra Anejo is good stuff

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                  I’m a fourth generation small business owner that opted to shut our doors today for the first time in over a century. Amazing to think my great grandfather operated through WWI and WWII while 3 of his 5 sons were on the battlefield but only NOW do we have to close. Unnerving indeed.

                  I have my pipe, scotch and music, but most importantly I’m home with my four sons (6,4,2,1wk lord help me!) and lovely wife. I’m embarking on what may be the most time I’ve had off since I was 5.

                  Best of luck to everyone!


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                    Enjoy it while you can. It'll most likely bounce back with a vengeance once this blows over. I'm now doing 6 hour days to help mitigate a short term drastic change in forecast numbers. I'm still whole though as I have about 50 days of banked vacation to absorb the shortfall. The upside is happy hour & tunes now start at 3 instead of 6!

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                  I figure that 4,000 LPs and a like number of bottles of wine should see me through, without even having to start on the single malt! Listen to a record, both sides. pull a cork....repeat as necessary.
                  Main:VPI TNT V, SME V, Koetsu Urushi, Vendetta SCP2-D, Conrad Johnson Premier 14, Conrad Johnson Premier 11a, Wilson Maxx 2, Inouye power conditioner, Moon 280D DAC

                  #2 Sota Cosmos, SME V, Lyra Clavis, Bryston BP17, Conrad Johnson Premier 15 phono, Classe DR3 VHC, Martin Logan CLS, Hegel HD12 DAC

                  #3 Roksan Radius 5/Nima/Goldring Eroica LX Classe DR-7, Classe DR3 VHC bridged monos + PSE V monos (bass), Classe DAC1 DAC, Vandersteen 4A,

                  #4 (AV) Marantz AV 7702 Mk2, Rowland 5, Wilson Maxx 2, Vandersteen VSM-1 (x4), Hsu VTF-15H Mk 2 (x2)


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                    Originally posted by MylesBAstor View Post
                    42 rolls of toilet paper.
                    Yikes! I really don't want to know why but you've got medical supervision, right?
                    We've never been a big operation despite 45 years of operation. So we're still doing what we do.


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                      The title is how to distance yourself.
                      The answer is be safe distance your self for safety not fear .
                      So much miss information that it is hard to know the safest course of action
                      crawl in a hole and hide problem is who wants to live in a hole or hide
                      In my area all restaurants are closed other than take out nothing wrong with take out but i like options
                      Be safe but no concerts no restaurants no bars no live music no parties no movies temporally ok but it is a high price on the long term
                      stock markets fall and rise be safe but do not forget to live


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                        I am observing from friends and clients alike that there is a need for reliable information. Great ppt by professor Michael Lin of Stanford Medical School on COVID. It is detailed but readable by layman. He also has a sense of humor (last slide states that we are not in zombie apocalypse).
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