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What Piece of Equipment have you had the hardest time settling on

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  • What Piece of Equipment have you had the hardest time settling on

    I went through a few Preamps.. Then I got my First Sound and I stopped looking.

    I went through a few DAC, then got the Mojo Audio and stopped looking.

    I got the STST Motus Turn table with Vertere arm and full stop. No more looking.

    Amps. Hmmm. I'm still not settled. My signature say Audion amps but honestly, I have not had them in my system more than a week and they have been out for repairs since. I still run the Casablanca. I don't have an amp that is my end all yet. Will I get another amp. I guess I will find out once I have a chance to put a SET through its paces and see how it performs.

    I'm also a little in flux on the tape deck. I talked a friend into the fray. Or at least a friend for now. He is looking for the right deck so I am seeing all the toys he is assessing and it makes me think are others better than my Otari. Will I get another tape player. Mmmmmm, probably not, but maybe.

    I'm pretty satisfied with my cabling too. I'm not looking. I'm sure there is other stuff out there better. But its not really on my radar.

    Owe yea, speakers. I'm pretty happy. PAP Trio 15 Horn is nice. I would probably only change them if I was forced into a smaller space. Otherwise I see keeping them for a long haul.
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    The problem is...there is always a better component. If it is the rare occasion where there isn't a better model, wait a little while, there will be a better model.

    Fortunately I am realistic and I have accepted the fact that the best is a foolish thing to try and secure for your own.

    There are classic components with audible traits that are very hard to match. These may not be the best but they are some of those components that you settle on.

    The ones that you settled on sound like components that deliver sound that is tuned to your ear and that is great. I am happy you found your reference components.

    Maybe that is the term. What we consider a "reference component" is something we latch onto and call our sonic nirvana. Other people might not agree but who cares? We love our gear and that is what is important. Save your money and buy more LPs or tapes.

    Spin more tunes,
    Life is is just samples thereof

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      Without a doubt a new cartridge. There aren’t many chances to try them out and return them if you aren’t satisfied.
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        Kingrex Your speakers don't have the efficiency to work with an SET, if you want something that has as much bandwidth as the speakers. This is because the bigger you make an SET, the harder it is to get bandwidth out of the output transformer. That's why the lower power SETs have the reputation of the better sound. It used to be that 30 years ago the 300b was the thing of reverence; by year 2000 the 2A3 was King; but since then the type 45 has ascended the throne. Honestly a type 45 in SET mode makes about 0.75 watts.

        So you'll be looking for a push-pull amplifier if you keep your speakers. Luckily they are efficient enough that you don't need a crazy amount of power. And you've not reached the limit of what is possible with the Casablancas; they could benefit from better coupling caps and a few other tweaks. Its really about how far you want to push it.

        I've not really struggled with what to get for my system since the amps and preamp was something I already had sorted out. I entertained the idea of Sound Labs for a while but my room really didn't allow me to set them up properly. But then I heard the Classic Audio Loudspeakers and I stopped looking. I think the biggest issue might have been the tonearm. The first really nice arm I had was an SME5; I struggled with arm tube colorations and used the Sumiko Analog Survival kit to try to tame them; then went to a Graham 2.2 but it was a disaster with my Grado cartridge. Then I finally got a Triplanar and that's when I stopped. The Triplanar is the only arm I've heard that allows the LPs to play everything that same as the master tapes; its arm tube is damped and it has some of the best bearings in the business so it tracks everything effortlessly and I simply don't do anything with it but play records. Its great.


        • Kingrex
          Kingrex commented
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          I get what your saying as relates to power. I have an 845 amp, so its making about 22 watts. Yes its bandwidth is probably restricted. Its probably pretty flat from 32 to 20K. My speakers are about the same. Actually speakers start rolling off at 17k.

          I should have had you go further wit the Casablanca while you had them. But I wanted to hear what a correct circuit and topology sounded like. How much was just poor design. It was quite significant. I have not doubt building upon it would better what it can do. Maybe some day when I move to Bi-amp.

          Great content on tone arms. I am amazed at those that have the time, knowledge and ability to apply a variety of tone arms and cartridges to a TT. To tune the table to its highest performance. Its an art and science to not only install and set up such pieces. But to hear and understand the changes. Most people have little idea if a power cord change was bad, better of different.

        • atmasphere
          atmasphere commented
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          Actually the Casablanca uses the old Eico ST-70 circuit, which is pretty good. The real issues stem from layout but fortunately were correctable.

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        Most likely DACs then Headphones amps
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          Without any doubt speakers -- ones that are horn type, fast, see through, dynamic, yet have superlative musical midrange, integrated bass, etc. I thought I'd never find that combo. Took me some 55 years. Next in line but not nearly as hard was a superb DAC.


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            for the longest time my go-to component, a true constant that didn't change was the power amp, usually a Krell. It could drive any conceivable load id ever connect it to now or in the future--loaded for bear, as it were. All these years later my newfound preference for high sensitivity speakers and low-powered amps is what I toggle between.
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              As a note it isn't the go to component but what one had the hardest time settling on.

            • Rob
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              I know, perhaps there was some ambiguity in the last sentence of my post. as of late, my speaker and amp choices have been in a state of flux.

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            Its all hard, if it was easy settling on a component , Audio would be out of business.
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