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  • A Millennial Set Me Straight...

    "Vintage-that's what old people call the crap they won't throw away".

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      Some of that old crap is still better than any of the new crap. Or at the very least has more soul.


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        There seems to come a point where the stuff you have stored in a box becomes valuable. It's usually when the people who grew up with it turn 50-60 or thereabouts and grow nostalgic. That's when you pounce on their memories and sell it. If you hold onto it longer than that you will find the next generation doesn't remember those things and doesn't care either. Of course you can keep them for another 100 years when they become true antiques, but then again, you may not need the extra cash at that point.


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          I went with fully restored vintage because I like the sound. Click image for larger version

Name:	Sansui AU-7700.png
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Name:	IMG_0017.JPG
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              that sansui looks sharp
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                Originally posted by JCOConnell View Post
                that sansui looks sharp
                Thank you very much.


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                  There is a popular misconception that new means better. That is why the market for antique furniture has dropped - the millennials would rather pay more for Ikea particle board crap than for solid wood furniture that has lasted 100-200 years already.

                  While in the high tech environment new often does mean added features, it isn't always so in audio. The magazine reviewers don't last long if they say that a brand new unit from an advertiser doesn't sound as good as a twenty year old piece of gear, so they parse levels of goodness more and more finely until, presumably, they disappear up their own butts in a puff of smoke.

                  I always enjoy the chance to listen to vintage gear - it shows me where we came from and sometimes how little distance we have travelled.
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                      I’m sure his iPhone and ear buds sound amazing.