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Back when things were good

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  • Back when things were good

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    Cool Jeff Rothstein photo!


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      April into May, 1971; then closing for good in June
      Tascam BR-20
      Technics 1506 with tape path upgrades, FM head and custom repro amp
      Modwright Oppo 205 full tube mod w/LPS
      Euphony Summus server, EtherRegen, HDPLEX LPS
      MSB Discrete DAC (dual PS, ISLPro, balanced out)
      Pass Labs INT60
      Daedalus Audio Apollo 11’s
      REL S3 (Kimber Kable connection)
      Daedalus/Wywires, Audioquest, Acoustic Zen, Sablon Audio cables
      Core Power Equi=Power 1800 Mk3
      Adona rack; Stillpoints and IsoPods, Tube Traps, GIK


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        Those were some crazy and great times. Music was outstanding at the Fillmore East. Sadly, there was so much else not to wax nostalgic about.
        Main System:Thales Compact Turntable and Thales Simplicity Tonearm, Ortofon A95, Musical FidelityM6 Vinyl Phono Stage, Vinyl Nirvana TD160 Super with Jelco 850 Tonearm, Ortofon Quintet Mono, Cambridge Azur Universal Disc Player, Blusound Vault 2i, Apple Airport Express, Mytek Liberty DAC, Cary Audio CAD-300SEI (All tubes rolled),Pure Audio Project Quintet 15s with Voxative AC-PiFe, Sennheiser HD 650 Headphones, PS Audio PP12.