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    I am sure we have members that travel for their work. What do you use on the road to get your music fix? I use a Pioneer XDP-100R with Oppo PM3 headphones. I like to unwind in the evenings with some familiar music.


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    Up until recently, I used an iPod Classic playing through a first edition Headroom Total Bithead amp to drive my trusty old Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro 600 ohm headphones.
    Since December, I've replaced the iPod/Bithead combo with a Questyle QP1 player. It drives the Beyers beautifully without need for an external amp, and playing 24/96 and DSD files sounds fantastic.
    Steve Lefkowicz
    Senior Associate Editor at Positive Feedback
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    Headphones: Schiit Valhalla amp, Burson Conductor Virtuoso Amp, Meze Audio 99 Classic and 99 Neo, Beyerdynamic DT770Pro 600 ohm, DT770 Studio 80 ohm, 1More Triple Driver Over Ear, 1More Triple Driver IEM


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      Samsung phone (w 186GB SD card filled with music) and Senheisser ear buds. Not hifi, but love it for my long commute to work or whenever I need to travel.
      Kronos Sparta -> Trinity Phono -> Trinity Pre -> CH Precision A1 -> Magico S7s