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    I am sure we have members that travel for their work. What do you use on the road to get your music fix? I use a Pioneer XDP-100R with Oppo PM3 headphones. I like to unwind in the evenings with some familiar music.


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    Up until recently, I used an iPod Classic playing through a first edition Headroom Total Bithead amp to drive my trusty old Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro 600 ohm headphones.
    Since December, I've replaced the iPod/Bithead combo with a Questyle QP1 player. It drives the Beyers beautifully without need for an external amp, and playing 24/96 and DSD files sounds fantastic.
    Steve Lefkowicz
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      Samsung phone (w 186GB SD card filled with music) and Senheisser ear buds. Not hifi, but love it for my long commute to work or whenever I need to travel.
      Kronos Sparta -> Trinity Phono -> Trinity Pre -> CH Precision A1 -> Magico S7s