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How We Hear: A Video

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  • How We Hear: A Video

    Myles B. Astor, PhD, Administrator
    Senior Editor,

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    How many here has ever had a complete auditory evaiulation ?? As a child I always heard better with one ear than the other . I always thought it was like sight or being lefty. At 59 I can hear to about 16K consistently
    I had many simple hearing tests showing a slight loss in a few a freq most likely due to noise damage
    while mostly using headphones and later ciems I never heard the so called claims of staging that some claim
    but with speakers I do . If I put one hand over one ear the room sounds the same but if I do the other it's a completely different sound scape. I always wondered why but no audiologist ever could find out why
    so last year I spent about 600 out of pocket for a four hour exam. Even an eeg while hearing sounds and In a blackened room. At the end the dr expanded to me like our eyes our brains combine what we see to one image
    the same takes place for hearing when we use two ears
    my issue is ina mono state mine are different t but when both are used it's fine. I have the normal range of knowing when a person moves off center of only a few inches or less. As this is hi end audio and so many claims of hearing changes that I know must be an acquired skill who has actually had a comprehensive testing done like I did. ???
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      Thanks for the video, Myles, very informative.

      Interesting Al. I want to get my hearing checked. Just playing test frequencies on my system, I hear a significant drop in loudness at 16k. I now play music at more moderate levels (75-80db tops).

      I'm curious how some people can play music at 100db+ and not suffer hearing loss while others would play much lower and they still say it hurts their ears...
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