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    Thought this mught be interesting to the group.

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    When I think of on demand vinyl, I think of something called a jukebox.
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      Not sure there is anything new here. I think most plants will press small runs. The time quoted by this company doesn't seem extraordinarily quick, but maybe, given the current surge in vinyl sales, that's fast for any order, let alone a small one.

      PS: Beaur, the NYPost was my favorite paper for a long time. Tabloid stuff, with funny headlines. Sadly, it has gotten Kardashian'd. My tabloid of choice now is the UK Daily Mail- same concept- lot's of photos though, and there is a Kardashian section for those interested in celebrities you could care less about. The UK Sun also has naked women, but I'll refrain from commenting on that.


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        Bill, agreed on the Post. Don't actually read many papers much any more, too depressing. I have a news crawler that gets articles that have words/topics I am interested in. Thought all the Page girls were gone