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    After tima's SRA Scuttle post, I checked out Audio Beat and came across this article written by Roy Gregory about Stirling Trayle's audio system optimization services and thought I would post it here for comments.

    I know Stirling and he helped me out a lot in the 1980s when he worked at dB Audio in Berkeley. Somewhat later, he and co-worker John Hunter bought Sumiko. Anyway Stirling is very knowledgeable and there is a lot of good information here.
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    One of the things that surprised me in this article was the only suggestion for that bright looking room with the hardwood floor and bare brick walls was just to put a small rug on the floor.
    Thiel 7.2s, Manley NeoClassic 250s, Wadia 850, MIT Oracle V3 speaker cables, MIT MI-350 Oracle interconnects, Black Diamond Racing Shelves and Cones in a dedicated room with ASC Tube Traps, Room Tunes and 3 X 20 amp dedicated circuits.


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      Looks like panels in the front corners. Maybe something behind the B52s poster? Rather high ceilings. Every room an adventure.

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      The idea behind the article was setup without spending money and this was in a domestic environment that ugly acoustic tampons just wouldn't do. To be honest every time I set up a system I end up dragging stuff out of the room, specially acoustic tampons and tweaks.


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    There's a lot of truth about set up, it's the only way to the next level and becomes more critical with the complexity of the system. What's described in the article is pretty basic and straightforward stuff that people do for themselves.

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      Myles B. Astor, PhD, Administrator
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        """ without spending money" yep those added on Stillpoints are not cheap if that isn't adding lots of money something is wrong but that MUST be the " full system-optimization package". Where he just blows your wallet on what could be.
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          As an acoustician myself, I find that the "tampon" thing has indeed gone too far. A lot can be done with everyday items if room geometry is basically sound. Will you get mastering lab or even recording space results, no BUT it does not mean a domestic room need look like one. Moreover there are so many ways to hide treatments.

          I think every audio guy should really get hands on with system optimization. Being unafraid to play with speaker position alone gives one a potentially priceless mental database of cause and effects. Yes sometimes things sound so good we all get afraid to touch anything. Still, we can always zero things out with the help of some tape and a marker. In my opinion knowing how a loudspeaker reacts within the space is an absolute necessity. Very rarely do I see people setting up who actual listen around the loudspeakers to see how they disperse. Usually its just shuffling between the speakers and the sitting position.


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            I have found that large shelves of LPs effectively damp a too bright room....
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