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    I think the products need to have lifestyle looks but SOTA sound. All within a pricing structure for mortals. With powder coat technology, anodizing, creative material use audio can be more than an ugly black box sitting on an erector set rack.


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      Originally posted by nc42acc View Post
      I think the products need to have lifestyle looks but SOTA sound. All within a pricing structure for mortals. With powder coat technology, anodizing, creative material use audio can be more than an ugly black box sitting on an erector set rack.

      There's really only one high-end company holding out.
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        Originally posted by MylesBAstor View Post

        OTOH just to play devil's advocate, for the high-end industry to move past being just attractive to audiophiles, the equipment must come in more than black boxes. Aragon was able to come up with some unique looks even with modestly priced equipment.
        Oh, don't get me wrong and I agree with you. A $40,000 amp better look like it's worth $40,000. My issue is with products where you just get the feeling that a substantial part of the price is in cosmetics and appearance, basically taking a $5,000 product and selling it as a $50,000 product with a fancy case. Kind of like a Clenet or an Excalibur, to use a automotive analogy.
        But when it comes to lower cost end of the High End, get the technology and sound right first, then try to make it look as nice as possible, as long as it doesn't jack the price up. I think companies like Schiit Audio and iFi do a great job of making products look way better than their low price would have you expect. This becomes especially important with budget oriented speakers. I'd much rather see better quality drivers and crossover parts than a fancy veneer or high gloss finish. Or like Tekton, offer speakers with an almost DIY looking basic black finish at an incredibly reasonable price, but offer nicer finishes as a higher price option for those who need their speakers looking better too.
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          Didn't some of the old Bang & Olafson equipment from the early 80s end up in the MOMA? Over the last forty years or so with the proliferation of seperates, it seems that a lot of folks have forgotten what attractive or unobtrusive style is. I can't say from experience what the Devaliet gear sounds like but that's the integration of a cubic buttload of functionality into one very small and stylish piece of gear. Upgradeable via software to boot. If Devaliet can do all that, maybe DCS could squish that five box stack into something a little more manageable. On the other hand there is the (I think) Lightspeed DaVinci DAC that looks so interesting and so un-high end like. Not a big box or a collection of boxes.

          But unless it's all coming from the same manufacturer, the styles won't match.

          Beyond the equipment style issues there is usually a big rack with a half dozen or more dissimilar pieces of gear, Excess length interconnects hanging about. Excess length power cords hanging about. A couple extra feet of humongo speaker cable. I worked for forty five years on military and heavy industrial electrical and electronic equipment. Undressed unsecured excess cable was an anathema and never acceptable. Some people change components as often as their shorts so that will always be an issue. There are a couple of cable makers who specialize in made to order length cables for those who remain faithful to equipment long term.

          Well, there is camoflage. Put lamps on top of those 200 lb monoblocks, Planters of trailing ivy on top of those five foot tall speakers 1/3 of the way into the room and clad them in sculpted styrofoam to look artistic. A female form pouring water out of an amphora. Post modern sculpture. Just think of the possibilites. A real conversation starter. Prove you have a sense of humor. Laugh a little.
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