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Great music or great on kit systems???

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  • Great music or great on kit systems???

    We all have music that we love how good it sounds on our systems. Some of us like me call them reference tracks.
    For me it's not that straight up, while I know the tracks very well and also know what may be missing or how I feel it should sound. How do any of us know it's right , can it be it just sounds right or great on our one system. I say this as I own many in some ways. Two sets of speakers but also a few headphone amps and a few flagship headphones.
    Each has its own windows into the virtues or faults of a reference track.
    A member on here dr ears has loaned me many sets of tubes to try. In my dac and Amps a real treat and ear opener. I love tube rolling and having many tubes to try is a menu to wet the palet like a fine place to eat.
    But I also have to draw some new conclusions as well. A reference track now seems to have a bit of confusion added to it.
    Some tracks just sound better on a given setup and adding to it tube rolling while changing things does not change what's great where. But it does add or detract new sounds or the perceived layers of the sounds.
    In some cases this even moves the staging as well.
    How do others conceive these thoughts is there really a right or wrong in this concept as a group ?
    analog stuff.
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    mark levivson pre no 26 amps no 33
    digital three cust servers , win ser 2016 , AO
    Dacs lampi various

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    We all hear a lil different than each other, so if it sounds good to you that's all that matters. There is no right or wrong it is just a matter of taste...
    Also as far as tube rolling goes, I use the tubes that sound the best to me in my system...


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      I don't really worry about stuff like that. I just play and enjoy, and if I can't get into it I shut it down and do something else.
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