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Graham Nash and Rita Coolidge on PBS

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  • Graham Nash and Rita Coolidge on PBS

    So I tuned in to PBS to watch "Speakeasy" which was a wide ranging discussion between Graham Nash and Rita Coolidge covering their years as musician/songwriters.

    I did not know that the basis for the song "Layla" was written by Coolidge and basically stolen by Derek and the Dominos, and that Stigwood (Claptons manager) basically told Coolidge to bad you can't do anything about it. Likewise she did not get a lot of credit for 'Superstar.

    Also discussed was the change in the change in the music industry as the bean counters took over. That was the term used, bean counters. Both Nash and Coolidge were disheartened by the corporate culture that has stifled creativity in the majority of the industry.

    Still and all, they were both satisfied with their lives and the parts they had in the music of the times. It was interesting.

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    Both artists have played big roles in the history of pop/rock music.

    The true provenance of "Superstar" always confused the hell out of me. For a long time, I thought Bonnie Bramlett and Leon Russell were the sole writers.

    Nash is apparently something of an audiophile. Did you see that feature In Stereophile where he basically tagged along at CES 2016 and listened to cuts from his new album on the various systems, and commented on their sound quality? It was pretty interesting.
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      Several artists that did covers of Superstar credited Rita Coolidge, several did not. Rita developed Superstar with Bonnie Bramlett and received no credit. She was not especially happy about it, and not strictly from a financial viewpoint but more from the sense of betrayal.

      Graham Nash, especially during CSN and CSN&Y was hugely influential. Noted in the conversation was that he had recently laid down twenty tracks in just eight days which in recent years has to be a record for any artist.