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Where do you get your audio info from?

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  • Where do you get your audio info from?

    High end audio is technical, no way around that.
    So anything technical by definition requires info, both historical info as well as the new cutting edge info.

    Where do you get your info from?
    Also where do you believe you get the best and most reliable info?

    Audio magazines
    Audio shows
    Internet research
    Technical papers
    Audio distributors
    Good old trial and error
    Audio societies
    Fairies, ha.
    Any other source worth looking into?

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    All the above. But instead of Fairies, I prefer gurus or better yet, Yoda.
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      the collective wisdom of forums like this one and others are excellent resources. I draw from members like you here on AN with diverse backgrounds and experiences.

      the most BS-free advice and knowledge I've received was from techs that worked in the industry, Often the picture they'd paint of this hobby wasn't flattering but it's gifted me with a jaundiced eye capable of discerning the good from bad principles in music reproduction that have served me well.


      • Greg Beron
        Greg Beron commented
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        Thanks Rob, like everyone knows in this hobby it's been a long and expensive road to travel....
        But what has been rewarding along the way is talking with people like yourself on the forum with a common compulsive love of the freaking MUSIC!

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      My ears
      Manufacturers technical papers
      A few magazine writers
      Internet & journal research
      Personal experience
      Experienced audiophiles
      A few tube dealers


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        Audio magazines - Not so much anymore. Stereophile because of Herb Reichert because he is an interesting read and does cover a bit more affordable (by my standards) equipment. Absolute Sound isn't what it used to be back in Harrys day and I am not enamored of reviews which tout $200,000 speakers while basically apologizing for their flaws. For $200,000 it better make me a ham sandwich and light my cigar too.

        Forums - This forum is largely it as I have an aversion to trolls and idiots.

        Internet research - Only for specific items that have already caught my interest.

        Manufacturers - I have contacted manufactures when I was about ready to pull the trigger anyhow.

        Friends - I only have one friend left interested in audio and he's 1500 miles away and further than that in preferences. He's a tube and horn guy but we have fun talking.

        Good old trial and error - Oh HE double hockey sticks no. I don't have the cash to play that game.

        Fairies, ha - Ouija board, sometimes as good as any other source.


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          Internet research first.


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            These days, I use mostly Internet articles/reviews and various forums (this one is rapidly becoming my favorite!) to get a baseline on something and determine if it's worth my time and money to audition. but ultimately the information I consider most valuable is derived from plain, old-fashioned listening.
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              I know a guy.
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                Originally posted by Rust View Post
                For $200,000 it better make me a ham sandwich and light my cigar too.
                HA! That's funny right there....
                And do zero to 60 in under 4 seconds!


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                  I also think the expansion of the audio shows across the US has done allot to bring more options for info and most importantly, the ability to listen with your own two ears.

                  The internet giveth and taketh away...
                  Sometimes I talk to customers that have done tons of research and have a list of gear all sorted out they want to buy, but when you ask them have they heard it the answer is all too often, NO.

                  You have to admit that the audio shows have brought lots of new gear to check out that was never at a dealer in your city.


                  • 1morerecord2clean
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                    I savor the shows and wait with anticipation for them. Not because I think I'll find my next piece of gear there but for what I think could be possibilities in my own system. And sometimes I realize that what I have rivals the best anyway which makes me feel good as well.

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                  Hey Greg, hope all is well. I only seek tech info when I have to and use this forum and a few others and websites - analogplanet, positive feedback, parttimeaudiophile, manufacturer data - but again, this is for tech info which you asked about. I let my ears do the rest.
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                    I used to get my info from subscriptions to AUDIO, STEREO REVIEW and HIGH FIDELITY magazines. Sadly all gone for years now. Now I page through the occasional Stereophile, Absolute Sound, browse the interwebs and monkey around on forums.


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                      Forums. Especially ones for the type I need. As I am not an analog person audio still in places like this is a wealth of info anyway.
                      computor audio there is a couple one we know is best for it.
                      Headfi is a very large wealth of info on anything over the head. But also anything else.
                      Analog this is best I have found in both people knowledge and temperament essecislly of me lol.
                      Internet as well but only if it leads me to s frouns I know
                      or someone I know.
                      analog stuff.
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                      Dacs lampi various


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                        After 40 years I already have a lot of info. The only other audio newsgroup I participate in is Audio Asylum and the only publication I read regularly is Stereophile.
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                          Little off topic but which do you take more seriously? Equipment or music reviews?
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