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Odeon horns, Aries Cerat Diana Integrated, Kronzilla SX, Apogee Scintilla

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  • Odeon horns, Aries Cerat Diana Integrated, Kronzilla SX, Apogee Scintilla

    The notes go through
    • Listening to Aries Cerat Diana and KR SX Kronzilla on the Odeon Nr. 38 at Christoph’s
    • Listening to the Odeon Nr. 38 with Lamm M1.1 at Christoph’s neighbor, Michael
    • Krell KSA 100 with Apogee Scintilla, heavily modded by Henk at another neighbor, Rolf. Hifi Hood in Liechenstein

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    Bonzo- the first room, with that magnificent view, reminds me of the room that Syntax (Thomas) has in Germany. Do you know him? He's probably worth a visit--
    I've never seen, let alone heard, the Odeon products.


    • bonzo75
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      Editing a comment
      I know him from the forum. Would love to visit him one day for analog sessions

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    No analog sources? I cant take him seriously (just kidding)


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      As a sequel to the above post, excited by the Scintilla the previous weekend, I visited Henk since I had one day off for Easter.

      I have now chosen the Scintilla over the Duetta and the Diva. So that leaves me with a Scintilla and a horn choice that I will close off in June


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        what did you like about the Scintilla over the Duetta? My one issue when I owned Duetta Signatures was the high Q of the bass panel which enhanced bass response but could also sound out of balance with the mid-highs, driven to high volumes it would also produce panel slap. The Duetta supposedly improved upon the Scintilla by not only being much easier to drive but also a having a more even bass response. thoughts?


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          Hi Rob – Graz, Henk, Christoph, and many people on the Apogee forum prefer the Scintilla more that the Duetta and the Diva. The Scintilla and the Full Range were the only with a pure ribbon, the others have a kapton backed ribbon. Like I said in the write-up, I have nothing, nothing, no stat, horn, electronics, produce mids like a pure ribbon. The bass in Scintilla is better than the Duetta. Duetta is more amp friendly. I will check on the panel slap when I listen to Scintilla next.


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            the other thing is Henk's restoration is a gut job and re-design so I'll take you word for it, I suppose they will sound very different from an original set. Why is a kapton backed ribbon not a true ribbon? if you're going to say its a higher mass diaphragm I get that, but they're all ribbons


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              All are ribbons and all sound great. The pure aluminium ribbon has lower impedance. Kapton is added for protection. How much of the purity comes from the purity, I cannot say – but after listening to apogees before, I got on the bandwagon only when I first got stunned by a FR in Frankfurt. It was in a 14*4m room, had tremendous bass, with some thickness and imaging issues due to the narrowness of the room (probably), but a midrange unlike any I had heard. As good as Divas, Duettas, and Grands are, they never had that – the Grands did have a similar “I will strike you down with my power” approach. And then, when I heard the Scinnies, I immediately asked is this a pure ribbon, because it reminded me of the FR a year before.

              Carl mentioned on WBF that Graz was offering the pure ribbon on the Duettas for a while, but that would require changing of the crossover, and I don’t know how that worked out in the end – no reports.

              Here is the first system that started me on the Apogee hunt - I had heard a few before and not liked them


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                Btw, Rob, I must add I am OCDing here as I can only buy one. If you want to listen to a really good Duetta system, suggest you visit Masspequa, 1 hour from NY.


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                  I've heard a really good Duetta system, It was mine I realize you're late to the Apogee party if you will, I first heard the Scintilla in the '80s and owned my pair around '90. I'm kinda where you are today, not that I want apogees again but a high sensitivity (horn?) system. I know what Apogees can and cant do, and one of the failings of any panel speaker is the power response in a room (SPLs) diminishes far faster than a direct radiator when you move away from them. I used to have my Apogees and Sound Labs in a huge listening room, to achieve the SPLs I wanted I found myself upping the power stakes until I ended up with Krell MDA500s. I don't want that anymore.


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                    Not sure why SPL diminishes? In Henk's room, which is 40 ft * 7m, and tall ceilings, duettas sound best at the furthest end and close up intimate. I think Apogees are more relvant today than before, because there are more amplifier choices, better ribbons, better crossover parts. The NY system runs on 200w tube research lab amps, KT 150s (or 120s). Rich Murry runs his with AR amps, in Texas Ish runs his full ranges with specially modded TRL tube amps. Another guy runs his Apogees with CAT. Not to mention the loads of better class A SS amps we have today. Luxman and Berning Quads will do well on Duettas too.

                    The only horns I will consider over apogee Scintillas, Duettas, and Divas, are trios with bass horns and the bespoke horns I am considering. And I will take Full ranges and Grands over both of them. And the Yamamura horns over FRs and Grands (equal, actually).

                    In these, The FRs, Grands, trios, and Yamamuras, are unobtainable for me (budget, space, etc). So it’s Scintillas, Duettas, or the bepoke horns.

                    Other panels like Analysis Audio, I would consider below other horns like Tune Audio Animas, horns Universum, etc. And I would consider Stenheim (94 db sensitive 8 ohm), YG, and big cones like Alexandria X2S2 over them

                    Anyway, if you like horns, I hope you find big ones, not small, compromised ones.