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  • Rhapsody ------> Goldmund New York

    A few items fell into place and we have decided to do the Goldmund New York build out in our existing 24th street location.

    Rhapsody WiLL continue and be relocated to a new location in Manhattan. Rhapsody will carry all of it's existing lines excluding Goldmund, which will be sold exclusively at the Goldmund New York Store.

    Stay tuned for Rhapsody's new location. We are going to sell our existing Rhapsody demo items so that we don't have to move them and replenish our inventory with the latest products from our vendors once the new Rhapsody location is ready. Stay tuned.


    Rhapsody is going to be doing a build-out of our existing space in Manhattan which will
    become Goldmund New York. We just opened up the first Goldmund only store in West Palm Beach. The NYC location will be the second location for a Goldmund only store and will have a theater as well as a two living room theater/short throw projector/2 channel listing environment.

    As a result we are selling many items from of our existing demo gear that is currently in our Rhapsody space. Great savings are available on all of our demo units. You can see the list of for sale items here. You have to email me or pm for specific prices.

    If anyone has any interest in any of our existing demos please pm me. I will not be answering questions regarding individual pieces in this post. We also will NOT be listing our demo items on Audiogon as we do not think it is appropriate to do this with respect to the manufactures that Rhapsody represents.

    PM if interested....thank you in advance for your consideration.

    A few pics of the new Goldmund West Palm Beach store, which will be cloned in New York, planning on being done sometime this fall.
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