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Does forum participation from industry members/insiders drive business/traffic?

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  • Does forum participation from industry members/insiders drive business/traffic?

    In the case of dealers, manufacturers, label executives (Ken?) does your participation on various fora result in sales for the products you represent?
    For reviewers, does it result in more web traffic or subscriptions (digital/paper)?
    Is this not even an issue or consideration for you?

    Hope it's ok to ask this.
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    I just participate on the audio forums for my own pleasure. I think from all the years posting I've maybe generated a handful of orders. Bill Hart is a customer and friend so I guess someone pays attention.

    On the other hand I am a frequent poster on forums dedicated to prog rock and metal and many of those members are constant customers. I'm also quite active with various social media forms and that helps generate business.

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      Thanks Ken! I appreciate your answer as I wasn't sure if this was a taboo question to ask. I certainly don't want to ruffle any feathers.

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    Not really for me today I have a very niche market where demand outstrips supply many times over, forums are primarily for socializing and sharing though some friends my end up buying something but that's not a real business transaction.

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