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Ever had something you wish you could get back?

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  • Ever had something you wish you could get back?

    Sansui AU-919 integrated amplifier - I picked this up in the 70s ago overseas. It was very highly regarded by the twidgets (various specialty electronics technicians) many of whom were enthusiasts, some of whom built their own equipment. Major military bases overseas once had "audio clubs", in effect a very large retailer that was also a hangout. A lot of equipment could be compared.

    It was a full featured unit, switchable tone controls with switchable center frequency, balance control, subsonic filter, tape loop etc. It had one little switch up front which converted it from 110 wpc A/B to 10 watt A. A very flexible unit. Don't get me wrong, I thought it sounded fine in A/B. In A it was every bit as detailed yet had a smoothness to the sound that was exceptional. Great on small music. Over the years I auditioned a lot of equipment, only occasionally tempted for a change.

    Unfortunately after many years one of the transistors failed. The transistors were Sony flat pack V-fets that were also used by a few other manufacturers. Unfortunately Sony had long since discontinued production, no replacements available. At that point there were no integrated amplifiers that offered all those features, of equivalent quality, at a price point I could afford. I muddled along with other temporary equipment until I could go the separates route so that the failure of one unit or other wouldn't leave me entirely dead in the water.

    I am aware of the issues many have with some of the Japanese equipment from the era. IMO, this wasn't one of those. I especially wish it was still around for comparison purposes just to judge progress.

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    My youth.

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      You guys are a tough audience!

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    My stamina!
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      ADS L810 II - Didn't have these for long. Unfortunately I was bitten by the upgrade bug and went for a shinier newer speaker Unfortunately some of the "detail" of the new speaker ended up being grating in the long term. I started to jones for another pair of 810 IIs but by that time they were no longer available.

      Their performance was brought home years later when I was looking for some LPs in a shop by Houston. They had a pair of 810 IIs hooked up for their listening rather than any of the new speakers on display. Seems like they liked the relaxed presentation for all day listening too.


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        Equipment wise, my old Acoustat Monitors. The old Acoustats with the Servo Charge amps were magic in their own way, and they lost that when they switched to the transformers in later models.
        ​Other than that, my youthful athleticism.i miss 100 mile days on my bike, I miss playing and coaching hockey. I miss golfing. I'd trade in a lot of stuff for a fully functioning back.
        Steve Lefkowicz
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          You know what they say about getting older, it's not for the faint of heart.

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        Originally posted by Steve Lefkowicz View Post
        Equipment wise, my old Acoustat Monitors. The old Acoustats with the Servo Charge amps were magic in their own way, and they lost that when they switched to the transformers in later models.
        ​Other than that, my youthful athleticism.i miss 100 mile days on my bike, I miss playing and coaching hockey. I miss golfing. I'd trade in a lot of stuff for a fully functioning back.
        This. Herniated disc here, which means I have a toothache in my butt and down my leg for years... :-(

        Equipment wise: my Audio Physic Virgo IIs. Loved them. A bit colored, but the imaging was unsurpassed IMO. I still look on Agon now and then for a used pair.
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          Honestly can't think of anything. Just probably would like to get my old Nikko Gamma V tuner out of storage.
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            I have one of those in storage too. Also have a nice NAD tuner. Just found that I never used either of them.

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          maybe one of the Krell KSA-50 Mk IIs I owned, they wouldn't necessarily ring my bell nowadays (too reticent and dry sounding) its nostalgic. The 15 ohm Rogers LS3/5as I sold for $350, not because the're now worth $2000+ but because I don't want to pay that much to have them back. I can probably think of many more offers I had for gear that I passed up.
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            My Wadia 27ix and 270 that I got rid of at a loss because I felt the company was going under. Well, I think they actually did before the influx of cash.

            Also a pair of Apogee Mini Grand/Stage's and Infinity RS II's.... oh well.....
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              My Unifield 3s. I loved those little guys