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  • Don Garber RIP

    Don't know if this has appeared here yet but Don Garber passed away last weekend.

    I didn't know him very well but he was one of the first people I met when I came to NYC looking for audio. He gave a grad student who had no ability to purchase what he was selling more time than I deserved (along with the rest of the Fi crew).

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    Don's wasn't a household name in audiophile circles but he was a major contributor to the "ultra-fi" scene in NY (SET amps, horns and WE inspired) along with Joe Roberts, Herb Reichert, JC Morrison, et al. Don's sense of aesthetic was also as important, kinda like Bauhaus meets mid-century chic. My brush with Don was back in the late nineties when I acquired one of his phono stages based solely on his reputation and it was a pleasant surprise, sounded pretty fine too For those unfamiliar with his bespoke amplifiers this is but a small sample...


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      Sorry to hear that. Nice post, Rob.


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        Yes saw he passed away recently too. He was a founding member of that flea power SE amp designs.
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