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Zero Distortion: Silvercore, Western Electrics, 833c, EL34, 304 TL

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  • Zero Distortion: Silvercore, Western Electrics, 833c, EL34, 304 TL

    How do two 18 inch woofers per open baffled speaker, with a giant horn, voiced a bit in the style of vintage WE naturalness with more of a modernized detail and bass style sound? If the cabinet is almost 2 or 3 times the width of a Focal Maestro Utopia (135 cm) and twice the depth (at 80 cm)?

    What if they are in the hands of someone who has distributed/dealt in WE, Silbatone, Line Magnetic and GIP replicas of WE, who owns the WE 16a and WE London?

    Though I haven’t been able to compare his stash of 10 brands of NOS PX4, and the unfortunately damaged Marconi PX25, I have been able to compare his own manufactured amps of 304 TL, 833c/EL34, DB100/EL 34 amps, along with the cheaper Chinese TAD EL34 vs the most expensive Telefunken NOS EL34 (at 1000 EUR/pair? Phono stages, preamps, SUTs. Read on…

    Also a brief SPU a85 vs a95 added. And some Caeles vs Nottigham Dais.

    This is my favorite room in EU, with the Apogee Grands and Yamamura, in fact this is more fun because of the other equipment...and would have been my favorite in the world if not for a small trip to Seattle last November.

    Report to follow

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